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J. Michael Straughn Jr., M.D.


  • Specialty
  • Sub - Specialty
    • Gynecologic Cancer - Robotic Surgery
    • Robotic Surgery
    • Gynecologic Cancer
  • Phone
    • (205) 934-9999
    • 1-800-UAB-8816
  • Primary Clinic Location
  • Hospital Affiliation

    UAB Hospital

    UAB Highlands

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Education and Training
  • Medical School
    • University of Alabama School Of Medicine
    • 1992 - 1996
  • Residency
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • 1996 - 2000
  • Fellowship
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • 2000 - 2003
  • American Board of OB/GYN 2002
  • American Board of OB/GYN - GYN Oncology 2004
  • American Board of OB/GYN Recertification 2005
  • American Board of OB/GYN - GYN Oncology Recertification 2006

Clinic Information

Locations and Directions
Women & Infants Center
1700 6th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Clinical Interests

Clinical Interests
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Immunotherapy
  • Genetics of ovarian cancer
  • Gynecology oncology
  • Chemotherapeutic trials
  • Decision analysis
  • Robotic surgery
  • Cinical trials
  • Ovarian cancer surgery
  • Endometrial cancer outcomes
  • Cost-effectiveness studies
  • Provides comprehensive care to women with suspected gynecologic malignancies



1. Whitworth JM, Matthews KS, Shipman KA, Numnum TM, Kendrick JE, Kilgore LC, Straughn JM Jr. The safety and efficacy of day 1 versus day 2 administration of pegfilgrastim in patients receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy for gynecologic malignancies. Gynecologic Oncology 2009;112:601-4.
2. Leath CA 3rd, Numnum TM, Kendrick JE 4th, Frederick PJ, Rocconi RP, Conner MG, Straughn JM. Patterns of failure for conservatively managed surgical stage I uterine carcinosarcoma: implications for adjuvant therapy. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 2009;19:888-91.
3. Frederick PJ, Kendrick JE, Straughn JM, Della Manna DL, Oliver PG, Lin HY, Grizzle WE, Stockard CR, Alvarez RD, Zhou T, LoBuglio AF, Buchsbaum DJ. Effect of TRA-8 anti-death receptor 5 antibody in combination with chemotherapy in an ex vivo human ovarian cancer model. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 2009;19:814-9.
4. Resnick K, Straughn JM, Backes F, Hampel H, Matthews KS, Cohn DE. Lynch syndrome screening strategies among newly diagnosed endometrial cancer patients. Obstetrics and Gynecology 2009;114:530-6.
5. Bevis KS, McNally LR, Sellers JC, Della Manna D, Londoño Joshi A, Amm H, Straughn JM Jr, Buchsbaum DJ. Anti-tumor activity of an anti-DR5 monoclonal antibody, TRA-8, in combination with taxane/platinum-based chemotherapy in an ovarian cancer model. Gynecologic Oncology 2011;121:193-9.
6. Cohn DE, Kim KH, Resnick KE, O'Malley DM, Straughn JM Jr. At what cost does a potential survival advantage of bevacizumab make sense for the primary treatment of ovarian cancer? A cost-effectiveness analysis. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2011;29:1247-51.
7. Fauci JM, Whitworth JM, Schneider KE, Subramaniam A, Zhang B, Frederick PJ, Kilgore LC, Straughn JM. Prognostic significance of the relative dose intensity of chemotherapy in primary treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer. Gynecologic Oncology 2011;122:532-5.
8. Whitworth JM, Londoño Joshi AI, Sellers JC, Oliver PJ, Muccio DD, Atigadda VR, Straughn JM, Buchsbaum DJ. The impact of novel retinoids in combination with platinum chemotherapy on ovarian cancer stem cells. Gynecologic Oncology 2012;125:226-30.
9. Whitworth JM, Schneider KE, Fauci JM, Bryant AS, Cerfolio RJ, Straughn JM Jr. Outcomes of patients with gynecologic malignancies undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusion. Gynecologic Oncology 2012;125:646-8.
10. Fauci J, Schneider K, Walters C, Boone J, Whitworth J, Killian E, Straughn JM Jr. The utilization of palliative care in gynecologic oncology patients near the end of life. Gynecologic Oncology 2012;127(1):175-9.
11. Fauci JM, Straughn JM Jr, Ferrone S, Buchsbaum DJ. A review of B7-H3 and B7-H4 immune molecules and their role in ovarian cancer. Gynecologic Oncology 2012;127(2):420-5.


Research Interests

Targeted therapies for ovarian cancer

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